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Newt and John tease each other with common insults and sarcasm the way childhood friends might tease each other.

There are no harsh swear words.


The following is a list of words used in this book, so you can decide if this comic series is right for your child to read.

Wise-guy, Big Butt, Geek, Weirdo, Wimp, You Fool, You Smell, Crud, Darn, Shut Up, Monkey Butt,
You Freak, Burrrp!, Kick Your Butt, Heck, Jerk, Wuss, Air-hole (Newt is blocking the only way to breathe),
Stubby, Gecko Brain, Blood Bug, Predatory Lizard, Dumb Iguana and Drama Queen!

Nothing more than you'd hear on daytime television or saturday morning cartoons these days.
Young Readers will enjoy reading Newt and John... when the parent feels they are at a good reading level. The pictures are fun too, of course!

Adults will enjoy the book just as much… as there are pop-culture and science-fiction movie references…
and lots of funny situations and dialogue… plus a "Behind The Scenes" Art Gallery!

If you like reading Comedy, Newspaper 'Funnies', Web-comics, and Adventure Comics… Newt and John is perfect for you!

Enjoy the Book!.. and thanks for telling your friends and sharing a link back to this website!

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